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A Life of Service

John Joins the Marines

John is a Prior Service enlisted Marine Corps infantryman (0311). He served with the 2nd and 3rd Marine Divisions, deploying to the Far East, Central America, and Northern Norway.


Army Officer

In 1990, at the start of the Gulf War, he volunteered for ROTC. In 1992 he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army and branched into Military Intelligence. He attended Airborne school and served as a paratrooper in Alaska.


Counter Drug Operations

In 1998, he deployed to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  John's intelligence team worked with the US Department of Justice, the FBI, and the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). His team provided the key information for the takedown of a narcotics smuggling ring from Haiti to Miami as part of the DEA Operation Ramp Rats in 1999.  Later, in 2001 while in command, he provided his Arabic linguist soldiers in a direct support role to the FBI.

A Life of Service: Issues



Iraq War


By 2004, John was again deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom, now promoted to major, he served as the senior intelligence officer for the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-AP.  In addition to insurgent targeting and analysis, he worked as part of the CJSOTF-AP team to improve the US detainee program brought on by the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal.  All members of the CJSOTF-AP detainee team (Commander, Operations, Intelligence, Military Police, and Judge Advocate) took to heart the lesson learned from the Formica Report. 5th Special Forces and CJSOTF-AP took the lead in improvements and corrective actions for Iraqi detainees.


Iraq in Transition

Training the Iraqi Army & Police

From 2005-2006, John served with the 101st Airborne Division, working closely to train Iraqi Army and Police Forces in their fight against Islamic extremists in Northern Iraq. He oversaw training intelligence operations, humane and professional operations for detainees and prisoners. 

Iraq meeting.png
A Life of Service: Issues

Executive Responsibility

Making a Difference

Executive Responsibility

He served with US Army Recruiting Command in the New York and New England, operational oversight of 5 states, and then 12 states.  Supervising operations, policies, and procedures.  This included preventing gang members and hate groups from enlisting in the US Army. He oversaw Human Resources including budget, travel, and legal requirements.  He was responsible for public affairs, marketing, and advertising.  He supervised the facilities management program and a fleet of 220 government vehicles.   He served as the primary investigator for all soldier misconduct investigations and served as presiding officer & judge for military courts-martial trials at Fort Meade Maryland.

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Iraq - Draw Down

In 2011, John again volunteered to return to Iraq with the 1st Cavalry Division, where he served as a Military Intelligence advisor with the Iraqi Army in southern Iraq. He worked closely with Iraqi units to oversee their detainee and prisoner programs.  He investigated, documented, and reported numerous cases of Iraqi detainee abuse in the sectarian conflict. 

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Colorado Springs

From 2012-2015, John was assigned to NORAD and US NORTHCOM; he served as an Intelligence Watch Officer monitoring aerospace defense and, terrorist threats to North America. He also oversaw intelligence personnel monitoring Cartels and the Mexican Drug War.  In 2015, he retired and settled in Colorado Springs. 

A Life of Service: Issues
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